Your Credit Matters

Today, everyone knows credit worthiness is important. Society has put great emphasis on the credit score, making it crucial for consumers to know exactly how their credit affects specific areas of their life.

Your CREDIT SCORE is a measurement of your credit worthiness and is calculated from data in your credit report. Creditors use your score to characterize you as a high or low credit risk. A higher credit score helps you qualify for better interest rates, lower insurance premiums, and more employment opportunities.

Examine the Keys That Will Increase Your Credit Worthiness

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Establishing Positive Credit - Your credit score not only measure your negative accounts, but your ability to make payments on time, primarily during the last 12-24 months. You may need to open up new accounts and start building your positive credit.


Credit Card Debt Ratios - Your utilization ratio on revolving trade lines has a major impact on your credit scores. Your utilization ratio is the ratio of your total revolving deb (i.e., credit and charge cards) compared to the combined credit limits of those accounts. Your score will drop if you are above a 30% utilization ratio.

Debt Settlement - Debt settlement (DS) is the process of negotiating with your creditor to pay off (or settle) your unsecured debt at a reduced amount - often at a savings of 20-60% from your original balance. Taking advantage of this debt reduction strategy may be far less costly than consumer credit counseling, but "Is Debt Settlement Your Best Option?"

Debt Validation - Collections - Debt validation (DV) is a process where a consumer challenges a third party debt collector (i.e., collection agency or attorney) to provide written verification of a debt. The debt collector must send you adequate validation of the debt before they can begin any collection activities. If they do attempt to collect, you have established a strong legal defense and if desired, you can sue them for statutory damages of $1000.

Identity Theft Protection - Your identity is your life and your credit. Closing your eyes and denying the threat of identity theft isn't going to help you. We're living in the Information Age and your information is out there just waiting to be stolen. Every 3 seconds someone's identity is stolen. Learn how to safegaurd and protect your identity.

Avoid Credit Counseling - Consumer credit counseling is simply the worst debt reduction strategy, yet unfortunately, it's one of the most popular. It is important to keep in mind that the words "Managed by Credit Counseling Company" will appear under each account on your credit report that is involved in Debt Managment Program. This is industry code-speak for "High Credit Risk." Learn about your better alternatives.

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Helping People Manage & Improve Their Credit Worthiness is our mission.... and we believe that by helping people increase their credit-knowledge achieves this.  Therefore, we have developed an extensive knowledgebase of credit related information in our “Credit Library” located at the top of this page.  You can also review our Frequently Asked Questions to find the information you seek.