The Credit Matters Corporation at a Glance.

Executive Team

Dan Krueger, President and Co-Owner

Reneé Backus, Co-Owner and Sales Manager
Josh Krueger, Vice President and General Officer Manager

Who We Are

We are a Wisconsin based company, having been incorporated in August, 2003. We are also registered with the State of Wisconsin. View our certificate of registration.

Corporate Headquarters

3215 W. Lawrence St. Suite 7

Appleton, WI 54914

Credit Matters Mission Statement

We Believe in Helping People Manage and Improve Their Credit Worthiness.

Corporate Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy centers on three key cornerstones:


(1) We believe in helping people increase their credit-knowledge to better manage and improve their credit worthiness.

(2) By helping and educating people to improve their credit, we help them improve their life.

(3) We believe in educating people to better understand and safegaurd their personally identifying information.

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